Infamous N°01 Rum

We are proud and excited that after intense research, refinement and tasting, we can finally release our N°01 premium spiced rum.

No other rum spans such a spectrum of exotic flavours. A must-have experience for your taste buds!

Aged 8 years

This unique blend - aged for up to 8 years - from Barbados and Trinidad is a deliciously decadent treat. Enhanced with premium spices, a hint of vanilla and cinnamon, a touch of orange, a blend of coffee and cacao, and other secret ingredients.

Infamous D&C

The Flanders-based brand Infamous D&C was founded in 2017 by two good friends with a mission to build a brand, expand their creativity and share their hearty lifestyle. From booze to bikes, gourmet food to wearables, Infamous D&C creates custom-made products and provides private label services.